Who is this site researching?

Someone asked me to provide the definitive list of people this site is researching. Basically, it is anyone with the last name of “Foster” on the 1850 census in Benton, Henry or Saint Clair Counties in Missouri.There is one exception, that is Maize R. Foster, whom we know was a resident in Benton County, Missouri in 1835 because of his participation on a Grand Jury.

The table below lists the heads of these Foster families. Note that not all of them are actively discussed on this web site simply because we have not located an ancestor that is researching their lines. I will add a follow-up comment to this post and list ALL of the Foster”s on the census.

NameEst yearPlacePageCityCountyStatePatriarch
GasnerQ FosterM1811Virginia11bTeboHenryMOGarner
Sampson FosterM1814Indiana39bBig CreekHenryMOSampson
Enoch FosterM1799Virginia40Big CreekHenryMOEnoch
Burrel FosterM1829Illinois18bSpringfieldHenryMOBurrel
Franky FosterF1810Virginia18bSpringfieldHenryMO???
Norman FosterM1799Virginia20fSpringfieldHenryMONorman
A W FosterM1812Virginia318bLindseyBentonMOA W
William FosterM1817Tennessee300TomBentonMOJames Sr.
John H FosterM1814Tennessee301TomBentonMOJohn H
Elizabeth FosterF1804Pennsylvania300bTomBentonMOWilliam
Robert FosterM1827Tennessee300bTomBentonMOWilliam
John FosterM1809North Carolina299bTomBentonMOJames Sr.
Wm F FosterM1812Tennessee121District 79Saint ClairMOWm F
James FosterM1810Tennessee123District 79Saint ClairMOJames Sr.
Daniel D FosterM1825Tennessee143District 79Saint ClairMODaniel D

Note that James Foster, Sr is not on this list. He was either deceased or passed on by then. However, his son”s are listed, James (1810), William (1817) & John (1809). His other son, Samuel, was living with John. William Foster is missing too, having passed away in 1845. His widow, Elizabeth, is listed with his family. Robert is listed seperately with his family.