James Foster Speculation

Some e-mails that I have exchanged with Ann Levingston Joiner have given me new possibilities to James origin. Specifically with regards to the William Foster that travelled with James. Here is a synopsis of what we talked about

Our William Foster, James” son, married Susan Brown. Susan was the daughter of Nathaniel Brown and Alice “Ailcy” Anglin. The Anglins and Browns were on the 1830 Bedford County, TN Census as neighbors. There was a James Foster in the 1820 Bedford County Census that was not there in 1830. Our James

Then I had a goose bump moment. I looked on the previous page, innocently looking for a Robert Foster that Ann had told me was there. He was there, but nine lines up was another name. Reuben Nance

There should be at least one other Foster researcher, Rhonda Wilhite, that should be leaning a little closer into her computer screen right now. Reuben Nance was a pioneer in Benton/St. Clair counties. (His mother was named Nancy Brown and they came from Henry, Virginia

Now, this Reuben Nance is not THAT Reuben Nance. THAT Reuben Nance was born in 1808 so he would only have been 12 at the time

Howevever, Reuben had a half brother, also named Reuben, that fits this Reuben perfectly

So, what we are left with is yet another strong indication that our James Foster is the James Foster on the 1820 Bedford County Census.

There are issues that keep me from yelling “yahoo” too loudly. The ages of the people lited in James household in 1820 don”t seem to reconcile with the dates given in 1840

More to come . .